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Water Issues

We represent the interests of Ventura County’s agricultural community.


A Legacy of Leadership

For decades, the Farm Bureau has played an important role in the effort to ensure an adequate, reliable and affordable supply of water for Ventura County. We've worked with local water agencies to reverse seawater contamination of critical groundwater basins; to manage rivers, reservoirs and aquifers equitably and efficiently; and to defend local water supplies against pollution.

In recent years, the Farm Bureau also has taken a leadership role in helping farmers and ranchers comply with a growing list of water quality regulations aimed at agriculture. The most prominent of these efforts has been the creation and administration of the Ventura County Agricultural Irrigated Lands Group, or VCAILG.

With the goal of sustainable and resilient water supplies, a significant, multifaceted effort has begun across California to better understand our water sources, especially groundwater basins, in order to chart a new path to improved management strategies and practices. Within this context, the Farm Bureau seeks to promote effective collaboration as agricultural pumpers, water agencies, and commercial users tackle these critical water supply and demand issues.


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