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We represent the broad and dynamic interests of the agricultural industry through our diverse membership.

Associate Membership

Reasons to Join:

You don’t need to be a grower to treasure Ventura County’s farms and ranches. A Farm Bureau Associate Membership is for anyone who believes that locally grown food and beautiful working landscapes are vital to Ventura County and its quality of life. Your dues support the sustainability of local farming while giving you access to the benefits of Farm Bureau affiliation – subscriptions to our publications and discounts of a dozens of products and services.

Who's eligible?

Any individual who wishes to support local farming in Ventura County but is not employed in agriculture.

Only $250 Per Year

Member Benefits

Discounts on:

  • Commercial insurance
  • Travel and entertainment
  • General Business Services
  • Health services
  • Vehicle purchases and rentals
  • Home and business products and supplies

Subscriptions to:

  • Central Coast Farm & Ranch (quarterly)
  • California Bountiful (bi-monthly)

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