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Nitrogen Management Planning

VCAILG members in Responsibility Areas that drain to waterbodies with identified nutrient impairments, or with water quality monitoring exceedances, are required to develop certified Nitrogen Management Plans (NMPs) according to the schedule outlined in the 2020 WQMP and illustrated on the map below. For a listing of Responsibility Area assignments by parcel number, refer to the VCAILG Membership and RA Assignments.

**RAs not identified as having a deadline are not required to develop a plan at this time, however, growers in all RAs will be required to develop the plans within the next Conditional Waiver term (anticipated for adoption in April 2022).

Certified Nitrogen Management Plans can be developed in one of three ways:

  1. Self-certify by a grower who attends a California Department of Food and Agriculture Fertilizer Research and Education Program (CDFA FREP) approved training program.
  2. Self-certified by a grower to adhere to site-specific recommendations from the Natural Resource Conservation Center (NRCS).
  3. Certified by a Crop Advisor (see link below for list).

Available resources for the development of certified plans are listed below.

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