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Thursday, May 16, 2024

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Pest Issues

Like their counterparts elsewhere, farmers and ranchers in Ventura County engage in constant battle against crop-destroying pests and pathogens.

Waves of Invasion

A wide range of insects, fungi, bacteria and viruses find their way into local fields, greenhouses and orchards; some can destroy a farm’s productivity and profitability nearly overnight.
To fight back, growers employ a wide range of strategies. These include the application of chemical pesticides and fumigants, as well as naturally occurring minerals, oils and other relatively benign materials that suppress pests and diseases. Many growers also rely on the release of beneficial insects that prey on harmful insects.

Over the years, Ventura County growers have confronted, suppressed and adapted to numerous crop pests and diseases, including some that were initially thought to be unstoppable. Yet, new ones are always arriving and the pace of invasion has accelerated. Some of these new assailants – in particular, the Asian citrus psyllid and the polyphagous shot hole borer – pose an unprecedented threat to the survival of key elements in Ventura County’s rich agricultural landscape.

Asian Citrus Psyllid & HLB

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