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Who We Are

Founded in 1914, the Farm Bureau of Ventura County is an independent, non-partisan organization that is not affiliated with any government entity.
It acts as an advocate for the county’s agricultural industry, promoting policies and fostering community action intended to preserve that industry’s sustainability and vitality.

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Why It Matters

Ventura County agriculture has a long, rich and dynamic heritage. Crops have been grown commercially here since the mid-1800s, and for most of a century, farming and ranching were the single most important economic activity in the region.
Agriculture’s economic role has diminished, but farming still shapes the county’s landscape and culture to a degree that is unique in coastal Southern California. The remarkable fact that there remains an acre of irrigated farmland in Ventura County for every acre of city — despite the county’s proximity to a sprawling metropolis of nearly 18 million people — means that farming plays a critical role in maintaining the quality of life Ventura County residents cherish. That means everyone here has a stake in making sure agriculture survives and thrives.

Farm Bureau Mission Statement

“We represent the broad and dynamic interests of the agricultural industry through our diverse membership. We serve members by delivering services, promoting policies, developing coalitions, and fostering community action that will ensure the long-term success of agriculture in Ventura County.”


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