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    Farm Bureau
    Farming shapes the local landscape.
    For every acre of buildings and pavement in Ventura County,
    there’s an acre of strawberries, lemons and other crops.
    How much of your local favorite fruit or vegetable is grown here?
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    Farm Bureau
    Farming supports local families.
    One in 10 Ventura County households relies on income related to agriculture,
    which supports 45,000 jobs.
    Help support local farmers and enjoy locally grown food.
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    Farm Bureau
    Farming supports local communities.
    Agriculture generates more than $75 million a year in tax revenue for Ventura County,
    supporting services that enhance everyone’s quality of life.
    You can work with local businesses that support agriculture.
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    Farm Bureau
    Farming, water and sustainability.
    Without water, there is no food. Over the past century, Ventura County’s groundwater
    aquifers have supplied the majority of the water needed to grow our crops.
    Farm Bureau’s leadership has helped protect that precious resource.
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    Farm Bureau
    Waves of invasion.
    Like their counterparts elsewhere, farmers and ranchers in Ventura County
    engage in constant battle against crop-destroying pests and pathogens.
    Some can destroy a farm’s productivity and profitability nearly overnight.

Farm Bureau of Ventura County

For more than a century, we've been supporting local farmers and ranchers through education and advocacy.

No industry has a more profound impact on Ventura County's landscape and quality of life than agriculture. Farmers and ranchers are stewards of more than half of the privately owned land in the county; their fields, orchards and rangeland are a precious local heritage. Farm Bureau has been helping preserve this heritage since 1914.

We do much more, however, than provide farmers and ranchers the tools and support they need to thrive. We also serve as a resource for legislators, educators, community leaders and everyone who cares about local food and farming. Whether you're interested in land-use policy, the types of crops grown here, or the best place to pick your own produce, see how Farm Bureau of Ventura County can help you.

Who We Are

Farm Bureau of Ventura County was born in 1914. Although the organization has changed a great deal...

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What We Do

We fight for sensible land-use policies. We protect the county's water supply and local water quality. And more...

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Crop Data

Each year, the County Agricultural Commissioner issues a report detailing the abundance and variety...

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Agriculture supports many related businesses, and it takes many different support industries...

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As consumer interest in local food and farms has grown, a new breed of chefs and restaurateurs...

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Our Members

Everyone is eligible to apply for Farm Bureau membership and receive the many benefits and services available...

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You Can Support Ventura County’s Farms & Farmers

Everyone is eligible to join. Whether you're a farmer, rancher, business owner or simply a resident who appreciates Ventura County's delicious, locally grown food, there is a Farm Bureau membership that fits your interests and budget.

Top Five Ventura County Crops for 2018

266 Million
206 Million
202 Million
Nursey Stock
171 Million

Farm Bureau of Ventura County Publications

The Farm Bureau of Ventura County publishes or distributes a number of periodical publications specifically geared to agriculture. These include the organization’s monthly newsletter, the quarterly Central Coast Farm & Ranch magazine, the weekly Ag Alert newspaper published by California Farm Bureau Federation, and California Country—a bimonthly magazine also published by CFBF.

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Our bi-monthly newsletter includes information and announcements about topics important to Ventura County’s agricultural community, including news from our partners at UC Cooperative Extension and other organizations.

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