Notice: Farm Bureau of Ventura County (FBVC) is seeking a new Chief Executive Officer to replace its current CEO, who is retiring. Learn more.

What We Do

Farm Bureau is the voice of Ventura County agriculture in local planning and policy discussions.


We promote careful, efficient and ethical use of land, water and other resources. We foster deliberations and make decisions that represent the range of members' views and interests through open-minded, optimistic, transparent, pragmatic and progressive thinking—and action.

We believe agriculture is best served if positions and strategies on issues of potential public concern are developed ahead of time rather than on a reactionary basis. We seek an organizational posture that is proactive and positive rather than defensive in nature.

We believe that a strong, mutual respect and understanding between farmers and the broader community is in the best interest of Ventura County agriculture.

Through our affiliation with California Farm Bureau Federation and American Farm Bureau Federation, the interests of VCFB and its members are expressed to policy makers in Sacramento and Washington.

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You Can Support Ventura County’s Farms & Farmers

Everyone is eligible to join. Whether you're a farmer, rancher, business owner or simply a resident who appreciates Ventura County's delicious, locally grown food, there is a Farm Bureau membership that fits your interests and budget.

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